Frequently Asked Questions

How does an Airrex portable air conditioner work?
Roll it into position, exhaust the hot air using a ceiling tile kit, install a condensate pump kit or make sure to empty the condensate tank periodically.
How many square feet does equipment cool?
As a rule of thumb, 400 square feet per 12,000 Btu/h's (12,000 Btu/h's equals one ton of air conditioning). There are however other factors which will affect the total heat load.
What is the water tank for? Do they come with a condensation pump?
The water tank is used for condensation removal. Portable Air Conditioners collect condensation in the tank at the base of each unit. Water tanks are included with the purchase of one ton up to two ton units. The three, five, and seven ton units come with a built in condensate pump. Optional condensate pumps are available for the HSC-12, HSC-14, HSC-18, and HSC-24A.
Can you use a condensation pump?
Yes, a condensation pump can be used on units, except for the HSC-11, AHSC-42, AHSC-60, and AHSC-140.
Is there a check valve on the condensate pumps?
Yes, the check valve prevents water from flowing back into the pump.
Are side and front clearances important factors?
Yes, clearance is an important factor as well as filters being dirty. In both cases, the AC will not operate properly due to insufficient air flow. 24” of clearance is the minimum for both the evaporator and condenser sides
What maintenance is required for Airrex portable air conditioners?
The only regular maintenance required is cleaning or changing the filters on the units and emptying the condensation tank. For more details, please refer to the operations manual.
What is the standard warranty
Standard warranty on all Airrex units is one year, covering parts and labor for manufacturer defect. The compressor has a three year warranty.