MAR 11, 2019

New Product Offerings

Airrex is now a proud distributor of Mobile Cool, Safe-Heat, and PortaCool products. These units provide excellent performance, easy operation, proven reliability, and exceptional quality. With these additions, our offerings have expanded into new markets, providing a solution for your larger heating and cooling needs. Mobile Cool industrial air conditioners include the MOB-42, MOB-100, & MOB-250. These units are available as skid or trailer mounted. The Mobile Cool line can be a supplement for a HVAC system during routine shutdowns or provide cost-effective emergency backup cooling. With the addition of Safe-Heat products, we now offer the SH-500 and IDF-700 for your heating needs. These units feature a multi-blade design, allowing a stronger heating efficiency with less fuel consumption. Safe-Heat heaters feature a rugged design and dependable operation, ideal for any large heating application you may have. Airrex offers a wide-range of PortaCool evaporative coolers. These units have proven to be highly effective in unlimited uses ranging from construction to industrial applications, manufacturing, sports, entertainment, government, and military – anywhere cooling is needed and traditional air conditioning is impractical or cost prohibitive. If you have any questions about our new product offerings, please call 1-888-535-8841.